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Click the logo above the check out the new Gaahleri Mobius 0.2mm and Mobius 0.3mm air brushes! 

Gaahleri's GHPM-65 (One of there first air brushes! Review in progress for the channel! 

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JT @ I Need My Garage Time


Busters Custom Paints 

If your looking for awesome colors, air brush ready, and a quality paint click the Logo above!

Awesome 3D Printed Parts

Scale Rods And Mods

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Weekly Podcasts. Talking about plastic model building, new products and more.

Guest's on the show. Audio/Video

Audio Podcasts and Video Podcasts. (Video Podcasts are on our youtube channel)

How To's / Tutorials

These will be mostly done in Video's and on our youtube channel. I will try to do some on the website too. 

3D Printing & Design

I will be showing and talking about some 3D printed parts I print for my builds.

I will also be showing and talking about my 3D Designs and printed parts.

Video Podcasts

Video Podcasts will be on our youtube channel. Just some model chat, showing some builds.

Gaahleri Air Brush Stands Made By: Frank Rowland

3D Printed Air Brush Stands Are $23.50 each. 

$21.50 for each unit if multiple units are bought on the same invoice free shipping in the USA

  International Shipping Email For More Information 

Air Brush Stand GHAD-68

Air Brush Stand Swallow Tail Barbatos Rex

Air Brush Stand Mobius 0.2mm

Air Brush Stand GHAC-98D

Air Brush Stand Mobius 0.3mm

Air Brush Stand GHAD-39

Air Brush Stand Swallow Tail Studio X

Get your air brush stand in your choice of these colors:1. Black 2. Glow in the dark 3. Red 4. White 5. Blue 6. Purple 7. Green 8. Pink 9 Orange 10 Gold

10% Off Use Code: MANNY44

Coming out 4th. quarter! 

I cant wait to get a few of these kits! 

Ive seen these in the hobby shops and on line. Getting at least 1 or 2 of them! 

1949 Mercury Project (For The Air Brushing Flame Video Series Coming Soon! 



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