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This Podcast is for Plastic model builders or anyone who wants to listen. Talking about plastic models, parts, paint, model kits with special guests and much more to come! 

We will be doing Zoom Video Podcasts! 

One on one meetings and group meetings! Go download Zoom now to be a guest an talk about Plastic Model Building. 




Listen To Manny  &   Co-Host  John From Johnscalemodels

Special Guest's Coming Soon!!

  • Ed From One Team Garage will be on soon talking about plastic models, building, painting and more! 
  • Lawrence Howard, Scratch built ATC's, Air Boats, Motorcycles and much more! Stay tuned for the Date!  Video Podcast will also be available on our youtube channel. 
  • Fred Henry (Pappy) 
  • Marcello From Mars Garage on youtube will be on our channel soon, Video Podcast. Talking about the Rust Bucket Group Build, a small tutorial and more... Coming soon! 

I may be starting Video Podcast's in 2024 on a new youtube channel or my current channel! We will still have our audio podcasts from those on all platforms. 

Podcasts (Audio) 

Have any questions? Send us an email and we will answer them on the show!  Want to be a guest on the show send us an email. 

Episode 7:  (8/21/23)

(Talking about some new paint, Johns first kit, New model kit released and the Street Machine Group Build. Cobra Motor Paints By Ammo

Episode 8: (8.25.23

(Talking about the Testors Color Shift Paints. A couple older kits. Two new projects I will be starting this weekend. 3D Parts 

Episode 9: (8/30/23

Talking about a couple model shows coming up around my area. My 92 Silverado project and some primer issues. 

Episode 10: 9/1/23

New products to review soon coming in, forgetting to talk about certain things in my video's. Some current projects and new projects on the bench soon! 

Episode 11: 9/4/23 

Silverado is finished! A couple new projects. Scale Finishes paints, Scale Speed Works 3D Printed parts and more..

Episode 12:  9/7/23

Special guest will be in the studio Monday to talk about a local Model Car Show. Engine kit review coming up on the channel, a few aftermarket companies shout outs. Update on a couple of my projects. 

Episode 13: 9/10/23

Talking about the model show this weekend, Paint test I did, some of my current projects and ones Im waiting to build. Received the stuff in for the review, 2 Part video series.

Episode 14: 9/11/23 Monday

Special Guest in the studio Ken Brent, President of the IPMS Rochester, Ny. Chapter  Roc City Scale Modelers Model Club. Rocon 41 Model Show This Sunday 9/17/23. Coming On Today.  Visit the website at,

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 15: 9/18/23

Recap On the Model show on 9/17/23. Gaahleri air brush review on the GHAD-39. 3rd. Annual U.S.A.S.S. Group build. New kit coming out excited for that one!! 

Episode 16: 9/24/23

John is in the studio, were working on models and were talking about the the first model show he went to a couple weeks ago. Our Sunday outing with our wive's where we went and what we bought! My latest Product review and the current one I am working on. 

Episode 17: 9/29/23

Talking about my last product reviews. Johns unboxing video were doing tonight. 29 Roadster update and Mars Garage Rust Bucket Group Build on youtube. 

Episode 18: 10/6/23

New projects coming up to build, 20 roadster update. Gaahleri On Amazon Prime Day! New product review coming to my youtube channel soon! Johns update and his Mustang is ready for clear! New clear coat were going to be trying out!

Episode 19: 10/10/23

Review on the GHAC-98D Gaahleri Air Brush. MCW Paints, Amazon Prime Day today! Roadster update and current, up coming projects and more...

Episode 20: 10/13/23

Amazon Prime Day Announcement, youtube issue, air brush chat info coming soon, projects and more.

Episode 21 Part 1: 10/14/23

Model chat build night, co-host John from Johns Scale Models in the studio and building models. Talking about upcoming show in November, last show we went to and Johns first. Air Brush chat and more!

Part 2

Episode 22 Part 1 10/20/23

Talking about Gaahleri Air Brushes. Model chat and projects. My video series coming up soon on my channel that I am working on now. 

Episode 22 Part 2

Episode 23: 10/26/23

Talking about a couple brands of paint, 29 Roadster Final update, a few projects going on, Gaahleri Air Brushes. Winner for the giveaway on the GHAD-68 Air Brush Review on my youtube channel. 49 Merc update for the Flame video series.

Episode 24: 11/1/23

Show & Tell on my youtube channel, New project, shop card shout outs, Video flame series and more..

Episode 25: Part 1 11/4/23

Co-Host John from Johnsscalemodels in the studio. Talking about his Gaahleri air brush GHAD-68. Talking about Inspire Paints and more!

Part 2

Spoon Test

Episode 26 Part 1 11/12/23

Gaahleri Flash Sale, Johns update on his camaro, update on my Bronco, upcoming model show and more..

Part 2

Episode 27: 11/16/23

Talking about Gaahleri's Black Friday Sale coming up! Announcement on the channel, Getting ready for the model show on Sunday!

youtube Channel: Be sure to subscribe!! Mannys Scale Modeling 

Episode 28: 11/21/23

Black Friday Sales Event!! Fulton, Ny. Model Show brief chat, Shout out to Mike, and talking about a couple youtube group builds going on and more..

Episode 29: Part 1 11/25/23

Black Friday Sales, John in the studio talking about the last model show, air brushing and finished his first model kit 68 Camaro, and more...

Part 2 

Episode 30: 12/1/23

Talking about a couple Group builds on youttube, air brush deals, current project im working on and more..

Episode 31: 12/13/23

New review, Bronco update, a few GB projects and WIP, Christmas & New Years Sale Info.. and more

Episode 32: 12/21/23

Christmas and New Years Sales! Bronco update, new products coming in to test out and more..

Episode 33: 12/28/23

New product review, Bronco update and misshap! Update on Johns 71 Cuda and more

Episode 34: 12/30/23

John in the studio talking about his 2nd build, new kit he is starting and more! 

Episode 35: 1/9/23 

New paints in for review, new product for review and model chat. This is a video Podcast also, watch the video on youtube at Mannys Scale Modeling

Episode 35: Part 1 1/13/24

Co-host John in the studio tonight, new projects and wip. Paints, air brush new but older and more

Episode 35: Part 2 1/13/24

Episode 37 Audio 1/19/24

Youtube channel update, group build, projects, paints, air brushes, Jet kit 

Episode 38 Audio 1/25/24

Projects, Question and info from Adam at SoDak Model Cars our response, Paints, projects and more

Episode 39:  1/2/24 Audio Podcast

Email submission, projects, finished the GB truck for Time Machines Scale Models.... 

Episode 40:  2/9/24 (Audio Podcast)

New Kits coming out, Email sent in, New paints and  new air brush

Episode 41: 2/13/24 Audio Podcast

Email response, new products coming in for the shop, air brush holders, stash add, current projects, Typhoon Paint Products! 

Episode 42: 3/1/24 Audio Podcast

Finished build, projects, Shout outs, Paint, air brushing, Video Series

Episode 43: 3/9/24 Part 1

Johns Scale Model News, Shout Outs, Bike build, Air brushing, paints, new paint review soon, projects and more

Part 2

Episode 44: 3/27/24

Email received, shout outs, projects, buddy build, paint review

Episode 45: 4/2/24

Projects, Mail call, shout outs, discounts, 3D talk

Episode 46: 6/20/24

Short podcast, heart issues, Gaahleri products Gaahleri Day until June 22nd.