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Robert Kennedy
a month ago

Hi Manny,

Dude, I have been so busy doing stuff and I'm sorry we have not gotten a chance to talk or anything. I really do miss some texting every now and then like we did through my website. I had somebody tell me today that they saw me on your podcast being interviewed! I told him, ding ding ding! You win a prize! His name was James Downing. He said he loved watching your podcasts. I told him what a great guy you are of course and what great videos and podcasts you do regularly! (No need to send me $5 for that one! LOL)
This is embarrassing but I went to message you from my website and it didn't go back far enough where I can see you. I apologize but I can't remember your real name!๐Ÿ˜– LOL. I just called you Manny so much, I just forgot about it. Please let me know so I can search for it on my website through my orders. Or, send me another message there and I will snag it! Anyway it would be nice to hear how things are going for you. Well I know you're busy and I hope that bench is up and running.
Well you take good care of yourself as always and I look forward to hearing from you hopefully from the website.
All my best and stay safe to you and your family, and the highest levels of regards,


Charlie Hague
a month ago

Hello Manny, I really enjoy your videos. I would like to know what the pens were that you used for the tire lettering and also what paint was used on the 65 Chevy truck, it looked great. After watching your review of Buster's Custom Colors, I need to get some of those๐Ÿ˜ Thanks, & keep those videos coming!!

Frank Rowland
2 months ago

You might like the airbrush holds I am making Barbatos hshows them on his channel. I have all 7 airbrushes for Gaahleri

Kevin Morley
4 months ago

Manny, where can I get those inspection and registration sticker decals from.
Thanks Kevin