Welcome Modeler's, Im Manny former owner of VCG Resins from 1994-2021. 

I have been building models since I was 6yrs old. 

I have been air brushing for 37 years. Started out doing t-shirts and then went on to motorcycles and cars and trucks. I also did body and paint work (my own business) for around 35 years also while operating VCG Resins. Still always building models, mostly at night. 

        I now own and run Manny's Plowing & Lawn Care and have a few employee's. I do air brushing and detailing on motorcycles and sometimes cars and trucks part time. So of course pretty much all my free time mostly at night Im working on models and 3D printing. Summer is very busy with work and going out on the motorcycle with the wife and friends but, always working on models at some point through out the morning, day and night.